• Children are
    Natural Climbers

    Learn to Climb

    Age based clubs for age 4+

    Pebbles - Ages 4-6: This hour long session shows little ones are natural climbers! Climbing for fun means you introduce your child to climbing in a safe & controlled environment. Small supervised groups & lots of climbing games gives them great confidence & they'll want to come back again & again!

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    Junior Rock Club - Ages 7+: Our Junior climbing programme means you can track your child's progress by joining our log book scheme & watch them develop into a fully independent climber. The club is progressive, social & great fun too - learn more below.

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    Para Climbing: We have a wealth of experience and passion for delivering climbing for everyone and are able to work with participants who use chairs, have visual, hearing or cognitive impairments, or have additional learning needs. 

    With the full range of minimal to full physical support although many climbers can compensate for their disabilities through a mixture of balance, ingenuity, practice and sheer determination!

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    Try Climbing

    Everyone Can Climb!

    If you think you could never get up our spectacular walls then think again! Our 1 hour climbing tasters are the perfect way for all ages to give climbing a go and have a mini adventure.

    Climbing will build your child's confidence and we can guarantee they'll have a great time!

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  • Joining Junior Rock Club

    Level 1

    Ages 7-16 – a progressive learning programme where young climbers work their way through levels with our Log Book Award Scheme We also offer regular Parents Evenings to update you on their progress!

    Level 1 is where we teach children how to get off the ground! Basic skills like putting on a harness, tying in with correct knots, belaying and lowering off and a good awareness of safety rules are all covered in a sociable club setting.

    Developing Skills

    Level 2 & 3

    Moving young climbers on from the basics in Level 2 & 3 our qualified instructors teach more advance knot tying, climbing communication and introduce the children to bouldering. There is loads of climbing and coaching on good technique which really builds improvement in the sport.

    They’ll learn grading systems of the routes they are climbing, names of hand holds and gain an understanding of ropes and how to coil them.

  • Personal Development

    Level 5

    Climbing, climbing, climbing! Setting goals and achieving them with the help of training techniques, this level is where the young climbers really practice all they have learned and advance their competency.

    Advanced Climbing & Mentoring Others

    Level 4

    To sign off this level in their log books our Junior Rock Club climbers will be demonstrating the techniques they have learnt, reading routes and learning more advanced climbing skills. Climbing is a great community and at this point we begin to ask them to share their knowledge and capability with newer climbers in their group

  • Ready For Squad & Climbing Competitions

     Dedicated Climbers

    Children who really want to fully immerse themselves in the sport can join our Junior Climbing Squads and compete in competitions. High Sports Squad member Alex Waterhouse from Plymouth is the UK Bouldering Champion and part of Team GB and Ben Preston from Crawley has recently been sponsored by Holdbreaker!

  • Independent Climbing

    Pass a safety test and climb outside of the club!

    Once a young climber has worked their way into being an independent climber the wall is their climbing oyster! As an independent climber they can come to the wall to practice any time. Most of our Junior Rock Club enjoy climbing with their friends and family for many many many years – it’s a life long skill, hobby or sport!

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