Crazy climbing for ages 5 and upwards.


Rockbox Available at:

Rock Box Fitness

Rock Box Fitness

Climbing is a full body workout and burns calories like no-ones business!

Make fitness fun by joining this fantastic group exercise unlike any other! Our specially trained fitness instructors make this a work out to remember!

Rock Box Fitness

60 minutes of alternating pattern of floor exercises, low level exercises and high intensity climbing reps. Each exercise can be completed at easy/moderate or extreme levels and tailored to suit.

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Rock Box Fitness

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  • Age: 16+
  • Ratios: 60 minutes
  • Click on your local centre below to see prices

Available at: Elmbridge

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If you get bored at the gym then this is the work out class for you! Bring a bottle of water, closed toes shoes (plimsolls are perfect) and be prepared to get sweaty!

Rock Box Fitness
Rock Box TasterRock Box Taster

Rock Box Taster

1 hour crazy climbing, ideal for some after school fun or as a family activity!

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Rock Box PartyRock Box Party

Rock Box Party

For the best birthday party you can’t beat Rock Box for something totally different!

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Rock Box Express TasterRock Box Express Taster

Rock Box Express Taster

30 minutes to give the Rock Box a go!

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Experience the best of both worlds with this ULTIMATE party offering utilising both the new Rock Box and the stunning main wall at Brighton

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Rock Box GroupRock Box Group

Rock Box Group

We can tailor the Rock Box challenges to suit your group – fast paced sessions for 12 or more people.

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Rock Box Climbing ChallengeRock Box Climbing Challenge

Rock Box Climbing Challenge

Whether it's a fun filled stag or hen party, team building or pre-pub competition with friends this adult Rock Box session is the one for you!

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Rock Box FitnessRock Box Fitness

Rock Box Fitness

Climbing is great for fitness and our sessions are cardio, toning and most importantly, much more fun than your average exercise class!

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