The Hickman Series - Climbing Techniques - Part 1

The Hickman Series - Climbing Techniques - Part 1

Adopt these techniques and your climbing will sky rocket!

James Hickman is a climbing instructor at High Sports Crawley and Brighton. He also sets many awesome new routes across many of the of the High Sports climbing walls.

In these videos, James demonstrates some key climbing techniques we use everyday at the climbing wall.

You can spot several different techniques in each of these boulder videos. Have a watch and then trial them out in your climbing sessions. Let us know what you think of the videos and how it helps your climbing!

Rock Over

Step high onto a foothold and transfer all your weight over onto that foot. This movement allows us to move your body position higher up the wall and can provide more stability (balance). Keep your hips close into the wall. You may find that in some cases this position will be a comfortable rest before moving on.


A little like flagging, you can use the toe/ whole foot against the wall to stop the loss of balance and swinging out, a mistake often referred to as barn dooring.


A position where you will pull sideways on a hold, arête or corner while applying pressure with your feet in the apposing direction.

Match Hands & Heel Hook

Matching hands is where you will use one hold for both hands where there may be a limited number of holds or when traversing to move sideways or diagonally across the wall.

Heel hook – By placing your heel on a hold you can pull with you legs and your arms to raise your body position. Heel hooks can also be used to ‘rock over’ or to maintain balance in awkward positions.

Contributors: Henning Muller, James Hickman, Jennifer Maynard & George Levey

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