Want to be a Climber?

Bouldering. Roped Climbing. Speed Climbing. Get the full climbing experience at High Sports Brighton and make 2020 the year you become an adventurer!

You can easily become a climber with our 1 hour Introduction to Climbing for ages 18+  - it's just £11! This gives you the skills you need to use our awesome climbing facility at Withdean Sports Complex without the need to book an instructor!

During the introduction you'll learn everything you need to know about bouldering and using our 6 auto belays and once you've climbed your heart out we will give you a HALF PRICE 30 day pass which gives you UNLIMITED USE of these areas for just £26.50!

If  you want access to our roped climbing as well then learn to belay in fun RockStart classes, it's just £37.50 to upgrade to a Class Pass!! It's the next step to becoming an awesome climber, you can learn at your own pace and unleash your inner adventurer in a great social setting. Climbing is about to explode in popularity with it's inclusion in the 2020 Olympics and it's the perfect sport to get fit the fun way!

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We are Brighton's biggest climbing venue with 50+ roped lines, 13 metre lead walls, 2 floors of bouldering, speed walls & auto belays and an onsite shop and cafe. Be part of it!

Learning to climb is easy and it's great for happiness, well-being and physical health: read more here: 


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*Half price passes can only be purchased at the end of the Introduction to climbing course.