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    Learn to Climb

    Rock Start Or Private Instruction

    There are so many benefits to being a climber, it’s a physical and mental challenge, a great sociable sport with a really friendly community and it’s so easy to learn the ropes!

    Our Rock Start is a flexible way to drop in and work with a small group to pick up the basic skills with a friendly and qualified instructor. You can become a climber at a pace that’s right for you. If you complete our Introduction to Climbing you can get a HALF PRICE 30 day pass that includes these classes so you can learn to belay!

    You also have the option for private instruction if the Rock Start isn’t convenient for you. Just book an instructor and you’ll soon be that adventurous person you always wanted to be!

    Rock Start

    Private Instruction

    Try Climbing

    Everyone Can Climb!

    If you think you could never get up our spectacular walls then think again! Our 1 hour Introduction to Climbing is the perfect way give climbing a go and get signed off to use the boudler wall and auto belays without an instructor! It's JUST £10 and once you've completed it we will give you a HALF PRICE 30 day pass!

    Climbing will build your confidence and we can guarantee you will have a great time!

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  • Getting started Adults

    Returning Climbers

    Haven’t climbed for a while?

    If you’re feeling a little rusty then you can drop into a Rock Start session to polish up your climbing game before going it alone!

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  • Bouldering

    The easy way to get into climbing

    Bouldering has really grown in popularity, climbing without ropes on lower walls means you don’t need gear and will be ready to go after a short induction. Most of our walls have dedicated boulder rooms with regular route setting which means there will always be a new problem to climb.

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    Para Climbing

    Everyone can Climb

    We have never turned a participant away because they can’t do anything on the wall. We commonly work with people on the autistic spectrum, sight or hearing impaired, amputees, wheelchair users and those with special educational needs. By the very nature of the clients needs we often need to know a bit about the participants before we can devise a bespoke package, however we are confident that we can deliver climbing for everyone.

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  • Pass your Safety Test!

    Ace walls, regular routesetting & membership benefits.

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our climbing walls and to climb with us as an independent climber you just need to show us you have the necessary skills by passing a safety test.

    Take advantage of being a regular climber and become a High Sports member. There are loads of gains to be had, cheaper climbing, brilliant pre pay options, and a loyalty scheme at ALL of our walls!

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