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Learn to Lead Course

Learn to Lead Course

Topped out all the top ropes?

Take the next step and learn to lead climb with expert instruction and supervision. Climbing by clipping your own ropes opens up the wall to you and is a great basis for outdoor climbing.

Learn to Lead Course

This exciting course covers selection and use of equipment, correct clipping, belaying technique and taking/holding lead falls.

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Learn to Lead

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  • Age: 14+
  • Length: 2 sessions of 120 minutes
  • Ratios: 1 instructor to 6 participants
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Available at:  Brighton / Crawley / 

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All equipment is provided.

Learn to Lead Course
NICAS Junior Rock Club (age 7-16)NICAS Junior Rock Club (age 7-16)

NICAS Junior Rock Club (age 7-16)

We teach children how to climb safely in a fun and sociable environment and progress them through the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme logbooks.

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Parties (age 4+)

Parties (age 4+)

Climbing plus party games makes an unforgettable birthday or special occasion.

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Rock Start (age 16+)Rock Start (age 16+)

Rock Start (age 16+)

The best way for total beginners to learn the ropes – literally!

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Introduction to ClimbingIntroduction to Climbing

Introduction to Climbing

Take your first steps on the wall! We'll get any age bouldering, speed climbing and roped climbing for just £10!

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Private Climbing TasterPrivate Climbing Taster

Private Climbing Taster

Spend 30 minutes with your own personal instructor - perfect to give it a go for adults and children!

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Pebbles Club (age 4-6)Pebbles Club (age 4-6)

Pebbles Club (age 4-6)

Climbing comes naturally to our youngest climbers! They tend to be braver than a lot of adults!

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Group ClimbingGroup Climbing

Group Climbing

Bring a group to us to learn to climb! Great for uniformed groups like scouts, work do’s, stag & hen, schools or just fun with friends.

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Family TasterFamily Taster

Family Taster

Climbing isn’t just for kids! Have fun as a family on your own private taster session.

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 Private Instruction Private Instruction

Private Instruction

Whether you want to learn to climb or just get better you can book our qualified instructors and have them all to yourself.

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Rock Up  (age 16+)Rock Up  (age 16+)

Rock Up (age 16+)

Once you can pass a safety test increase your confidence and improve your climbing technique with the help of an instructor.

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Un-Instructed ClimbingUn-Instructed Climbing

Un-Instructed Climbing

Already a climber? Here’s everything you need to know about climbing in our centres.

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Rock Up Junior (14-18)Rock Up Junior (14-18)

Rock Up Junior (14-18)

Once you can pass a safety test increase your confidence and improve your climbing technique with the help of an instructor.

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Learn to Lead CourseLearn to Lead Course

Learn to Lead Course

Take the next step and let us teach you how to lead climb!

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Rock Box TasterRock Box Taster

Rock Box Taster

1 hour crazy climbing, ideal for some after school fun or as a family activity!

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Rock Box PartyRock Box Party

Rock Box Party

For the best birthday party you can’t beat Rock Box for something totally different!

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Rock Box Express TasterRock Box Express Taster

Rock Box Express Taster

30 minutes to give the Rock Box a go!

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Experience the best of both worlds with this ULTIMATE party offering utilising both the new Rock Box and the stunning main wall at Brighton

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Rock Box GroupRock Box Group

Rock Box Group

We can tailor the Rock Box challenges to suit your group – fast paced sessions for 12 or more people.

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Rock Box Climbing ChallengeRock Box Climbing Challenge

Rock Box Climbing Challenge

Whether it's a fun filled stag or hen party, team building or pre-pub competition with friends this adult Rock Box session is the one for you!

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Junior Squad TrainingJunior Squad Training

Junior Squad Training

These invite only sessions are for the most dedicated of our junior climbers. Improving in the sport and honing technique with highly qualified coaches.

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Para ClimbingPara Climbing

Para Climbing

Everyone Can Climb! We pride ourselves on our inclusive climbing for all types of physical and cognitive disabilities.

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An ever growing sport, bouldering is climbing without having to know about knots and ropes.

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